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Friday, September 23, 2011

Cooking green with Lodge Cast Iron cookware at SM Homeworld

When Joseph Lodge began making cast iron in 1896 in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee, he began a legacy that would create the foundation for an enduring standard of quality carried forward by four generations of family management.

Today, Lodge Signature Series Cookware’s legendary cooking performance keeps it only the list of kitchen essentials for great chefs and home kitchens alike. The resulting privately held metal formula, precision molds, and exacting mold wall thickness are the result of years of dedication to improving quality that began with the first skillet from the first sand mold.

It has been said that the Lodge cast iron cookware made four generations ago is still in the kitchens of a whole new generation of food enthusiasts.  After all, some things taste so much better when cooked in cast iron – think fried potatoes, chili, burgers, and cornbread.

The good news is that Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware is now available at SM Homeworld.  There are Dutch ovens, the largest selection of iron skillets, deep fryers, country kettles, and more.  Lodge Cast Iron cookware is also great for outdoor cooking with its griddles and grills of unparalleled quality.

What makes cast iron cooking special?  Besides being an ideal heat conductor, cast iron cookware heats evenly and consistently.  It is also inexpensive and will last a lifetime with proper care.

The benefits of cast iron pans and skillets are terrific.  It is an old fashioned way to cook fat free.  Foods glide out of it with ease; it goes from stove to oven; and no special utensils are needed to cook in it.

Professional chefs consider cast iron cookware to be precision cooking tools, as these dependable pans enable precise control of cooking temperatures.  Their heat retention qualities allow for even cooking temperature without hot spots.  Cast iron pans can be used on top of the stove or to bake in the oven.  Our grandmothers all had cast iron skillets and stove top griddles and made many delicious family meals on it. The best part is that these pans are easy to care for – they won’t warp and clean-ups are a cinch.
The Lodge collection of Pre-Seasoned Iron Cookware is available at selected Homeworld branches at the SM Department Store.

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