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Monday, May 10, 2010


    At a time when bulky and chunky are the big stories in accessories, bangles loom large in the fashion scene at SM.
Polished black enamel and glitzy gold-finished bangle bracelets that are stone-encrusted, textured or warped for added sophistication.

    Bangles have had a long history of enhancing the grace and beauty of women.  When the remains of the Harappa and Mohenjodaro of the Tamil civilization were discovered, beads and bangles similar to the designs of those found in Mesopotamia and Iran were found.  Jewelry was also made from the hills and sands of Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and in Persia – a lot made from dangly coins and Islamic half moons during the Roman, Kurdish, Byzantine, and Ottoman Times.

White Summer. Pristine white bangles for a fresh young look.

    The tradition of wearing bangles in India began in ancient times, and continues today, with women wearing gold or glass bangles in pairs, one or more on each arm.  No matter where these pieces of jewelry originated from, they continue to be a sign of elusive beauty and elegance.
 Arm Candy. Glowing colored bangles with contoured design eyelet.

     Today, you can amp your style with big, bold, and voluminous bangles from SM’s www brand.  Rock the big bracelet look with bangles made from natural wood or a mix of metals – gold, silver, rose gold.  Whether worn singly or in bunches, these are arm candy in dramatic black and white or vibrant bright colors.

Into The Woods. The boho vibe of studded wood bangles create a cool, easy style that can go from day to night.

Bangles from www are available at the Ladies Accessories Department of the SM Department Store.


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